Contactless Candy Pickup!

Hello everyone!

With our two main focuses being safety and kids still having a fun Halloween, we are offering two different ways get treats this year:

  1. Drive-up: With us having the benefit of a U-shaped driveway, we are offering the option for families to drive on up (just follow the directional signage we will have posted) to receive their treats from the safety of their own vehicles! We will be using a social distancing delivery system (a basket on a pole!) to safely deliver the pre-packaged goodie bags to all kids on board.
  2. In-person: We will have a station set up where pre-packaged goodie bags will be clothes-pinned to a fence so kids can grab their bag without any contact. We just ask that only one bag is taken per person, that masks are worn and that 6 feet of distance is maintained from others if there happens to be a line.

Also, just a quick reminder that there won’t be a haunted house this year due to the safety restrictions.

We can’t wait to see you all! Stay safe and stay spooky!

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