Halloween in 2020…

Hello everyone!

We’ve been asked this question many times already: “Do you think Halloween will be cancelled this year?” The quick answer is NO! But, to elaborate, we should be prepared for certain aspects of Halloween to not be the same. That may mean no big parties or traditional door-to-door Trick or Treating, but with some creativity, we can still have a great spooky season, as long as we keep everyone’s safety in mind of course.

The next question we’ve been getting is “What is Nightmare Dominion doing this year?” Well, we did scale back our plans a bit as we felt following CDC guidelines for a walk-through haunt would be difficult to achieve for an event that runs for only a few hours. The safety of our guests and volunteers are our top priority, and as bummed as we all are, especially with Halloween being on a Saturday, it just isn’t worth the risk. BUT, that doesn’t mean we still can’t bring it this year! We will be doing a front yard display that is bigger and better than ever! The theme? Our most requested of course…

So stay tuned! We will be starting construction in late September and the display will be running every night, weather permitting.

Stay safe and stay spooky!

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