It goes without saying that 2020 is year for the history books. It was important to us that we bring at least a little bit of joy to our neighborhood, so we sent in the clowns! With safety being high priority, we decided against doing a walk-through haunt with actors and focused on a yard display that can be safely viewed from a distance. Even with all of the restrictions, we still feel that this is our biggest and best yard display to date!

Day time pictures:

The day before Halloween, we were told to expect a “light dusting” of snow, which turned into about 3 inches! Luckily, the majority of it melted away Halloween day, but it did make for some cool pictures:

Lastly, with Covid-19 precautions still being necessary, we set up both drive-up and walk-up options for kids to get their candy. We set up a tent where pre-assembled bags were hung from a wall so kids could grab them on their own, and we had a basket on a stick where we could safely deliver candy through car windows without any contact. It may have been a strange year, but we made the best of it!